SL平板电动遮阳通风百叶窗/SL Panel Sunshade&Ventilation Louvre

◆  密封性:在叶片与连接件间有密封的卡槽,百叶片之间有密封的卡环及密封胶条,保证了百叶在完全关闭时能隔绝外界噪音、尘土、风雨。
◆  由隔热铝型材构成,保证了开启时的***佳通风效果和关闭时的隔热效果,广泛应用于各种建筑的排烟通风窗。
◆  通风与遮阳兼顾:可调节叶片开启角度,既能保证室内的自然通风,又能同时阻挡有害紫外线的照射。
◆  抗风性能:独特的结构设计,优质的选材,使得产品可抵抗130km/h的风速(相当于12级台风)。
◆  消防自动排烟、通风结合:与消防系统连接,在紧急状况时,可自动开启达到排烟通风的效果。完全开启后***大的排烟空间(可开启90度),使***短时间内能迅速排烟,保证人身安全。插图
◆  Air tightness: there is card slot between blade and connecting parts and sealed snap ring and sealant in the blades, keep far away from outer noise, dirty, wind &rain.
◆  The louver is made high quality aluminum alloy, which ensure the best ventilation effect when opening and ensure the heat insulation effect when closing. Be widely used as smoke exhaust ventilation windows of various buildings.
◆  Ventilation and sunshade: it can adjust the opening angle of blade not only ensure ventilation system working but also escape the harm-ultraviolet radiation.
◆  Wind resistance: special design, good material, make the product can resist 130km/h wind speed (equal to grade 12typhoons).
◆  Smoke ventilation: connecting with fire protection system, in emergency, smoke systems can work automatically and it will keep Max opening space to exhaust smoke in short time.
◆  平板百叶叶片的长度可达两米长,一般不超过两米为佳。
◆  有活动和固定两种类型:活动可分手动和电动两种。
◆  可水平、垂直或变间距安装。
◆  颜色可由客户选定。
◆  0-105°的角度活动开启设计,可满足采光、遮阳、通风等多种需求。
◆  百叶的风向和风力的调节作用,可享受柔风的感觉。
◆  百叶窗开启系统配置下载必赢国际,能接收消防信号,实现消防联动。
Technical Features of Aluminum Louvers
◆  The blade length of panel louvre can reach to 2m, generally not more than two meters.
◆  Two types: movable and fixed, movable shutters can be divided into manual and electric.
◆  Installation: vertical, crosswise, custom spacing.
◆  The color can be selected by customer.
◆  0-105° movement design, can meet different request of building lighting, sunshade &ventilation.
◆  Adjustable wind direction and wind-force.
◆  The louvre open system including electric actuators, can receive fire signal and realize the fire linkage.

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